Enhance your exposure

 Tell your brand story and showcase your products with these advertising and sponsorship opportunities that will enhance your exposure, pre-show, onsite and post-show. 

           $150 30 days               $200 60 days                  $250 90 days     



Let Us Manage, Optimize, and Grow Your Social Media Presence.

Engage your community. Build an audience. Increase your revenue. It's all possible with our social media services packages.


  1. Social media strategy
  2. Develop Content (Captions, graphics)
  3. Growth Optimization and Daily Maintenance
  4. Communication with your clients
  5. Develop Brand Awareness.
  6. Build Relationships (Engagement)
  7. Implementation guidelines
  8. Competitive analysis
  9. Profile signups and setups (Business manager setups, Cover, Profile main image/logo, VA settings, Story development and about section)
  10. Blog design, setup and/or optimization (Gig extra)
  11. Blog strategy development (Gig extra)
  12. Community building 
  13. Community monitoring and more (Will send more details in conversation with you) 
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