B2B & Buyer / Concierge Services

The duties of a concierge via Numondo & Global include greeting clients and answering their queries, directing them towards the suppliers & buyers, and being aware of the rules and regulations logistics and sources of information. Concierge duties differ from place to place depending on the nature of the needs of our clients in which they are required.

What We Do
Our Resident and Package Management module provides a cost-effective solution, empowering concierge personnel to handle tedious responsibilities, while providing you with tools to control the processes.

Our technology enables us to make information automatic and systematic, so our personnel knows exactly what to do in any given situation. It keeps detailed track of the flow of people and activities, so the risk of incidents to your project or your or deal is minimized.
A constant presence of our teams across our platforms sends a message of security to deals, projects, guests and staff. Our uniquely trained concierge service staff delivers the services it takes to see your through to your desired objective. 

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