The Global Trading Network  is a for profit Smart Infrastructure
Development Company our focus sectors are International Trade, Consulting & Media
programs. We specialize in the import & export of merchandise from around the world,
Renewable energy programs, Entrepreneur training programs, moving or working abroad in
Africa and dynamic Humanitarian. The Global Trading Network is the Rare Earth Minerals,
Commodities and general merchandise revenue streams of the company and Ufumbuzi is the E

Commerce & Training portion of the company. We build trade programs and assist African
countries with business contacts in the U.S.. And we facilitate the most amazing tours and study
abroad programs to South Africa, Ghana, Washington State and Ethiopia.
We designed our Network to increase tourism and trade between US & African countries & to
get Americans & Africans and the Diaspora involved with International Trade/Import Export,
Tourism with Africa, Small business creation, Unify as Global Africans, and to generally uplift
our communities.
Many African communities worldwide are isolated from each other. We are inundated with
images of world poverty, however their culture and art, which is innate, is forgotten. Our
network will be the gateway to cultures and unique products from African communities around
the world.
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