VIP International Wholesale Expo Booth Package

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$8,00 fee The fee includes: Roundtrip airfare with one show, all VIP payment must be made directly to our US Bank Of America Accounts. 

  • (7 days) accommodations before and after the Expo
  • Transportation to and from all events and hotel
  • 4 B2B Matchmaking with consulting
  • Training provided by the tradeshow
  • 20 by 20 booth at the wholesale 
  • We offer letter of Invitation for Visa Process
  • 1 year virtual package included see details below
  • 5 hour day tour of the City the Exhibition is located including spa.
  • Entry into all receptions and b2b mixers of your choice. 

    • There are free consulting & training programs included in each package.

    • We will assist you with sales and shipping of your products at the show to clients and after the show to your clients. We will use our call centers and fulfillment centers to facilitate your sales and distribution needs. We will discuss a percentage you pay our company for shipping and sales to clients during and after the show.


    • Dedicated Virtual Stall – Stall will be available for 1

    year and the live exhibition will run during the Event. 

    • Features Included
    • Backdrop image/video on virtual stall.
    • Company logo on virtual stall.
    • Up to 10 products can be uploaded into a virtual stall.
    • Up to 3 video links into a virtual stall.
    • Up to 3 user access per virtual stall (Optional and fees apply).
    • Access to registered visitor profiles and set-up

    meetings using the platform. 

    • Live chat/live video calls during the live show time
    • E-mail notifications for each interaction (Meetings, Connect request, RFQ etc.).
    • Exhibitor visitor meeting scheduler.
    • Search visitors by business, category, and other


    External visitors invite the facility.
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