Ufumbuzi - The Global Trading Networks Vision 2030 – Our focus is to purchase Real Estate in our key regions in the US and key African countries to launch our Smart Trade Centers, which are renewable energy power stations and our Global Operating Systems for Logistics, Transportation, Distribution and Training. The Brains of our SMART TRADE CENTER CONCEPT is our UFUMBUZI APP WITH DASHBOARD & OUR WEBSITES THAT CONNECTS CLIENTS BETWEEN CONTINENTS connects clients to suppliers connects suppliers and buyers to AGOA products and preferences. We will now expand our offices with the addition of our SMART TRADE center in these key regions Atlanta, Seattle Washington, Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Kumasi, and Acca Ghana & Freetown Sierra Leone. Our Smart Trade Center offers Renewable Energy & Technology Bundles that are customized to each community, region, or country. We have a global technology workshop and STEM programs that continually focus on reverse engineering products that can be produced in Africa and to promote the Global Circular Economy concept. Our guiding principle is, “It's not just the products; it's the system.” We have great products, but it takes more than that. What is needed is our AI APP and websites that streamline our Logistics, Distribution & Infrastructure. Our soft infrastructure & state of the art business offices and transportation systems in multiple countries in the U.S. & Africa and several regions in each country, training programs, transportation agreements, fulfillment centers, well-trained sales staff, and customer support. Join us as we connect the dots and create peace and prosperity across the globe.
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