How would I change the name of my company on my badge?
Does the show offer discounts?
What location will the events be held?
What are the African Tradeshow Market hours?
How can I make hotel arrangements?
How do I get to the event if I am driving?
Will food be available at the Tradeshow conference?
What are the January & July 2022 market dates for Tradeshow?
Is shuttle service available between my hotel and the Tradeshow?
There are a variety of lots open, ranging from 24-hour, 7-days a week, to more limited service. If you have any questions, please be sure to call ahead.
How do I unsubscribe from the Tradeshow marketing ?
What are you doing about Coronavirus?

Attendee FAQ

Why does this show ask for credentials? Why am I pending/why do I need to provide credentials again?
How long does it take to be approved?
If I need to remove old employees from my company attendee list, who can I contact?
What if I can’t provide the credentials?
What do you do with credentials once reviewed?
How much does it cost to attend the Conference or Tradeshow?
How do I register?
If I need to cancel my registration, will I receive a refund?
What are the on-site attendee registration hours?
Can I register on-site?
When will I receive my badge?
Who attends this tradeshow?
Can I bring my child to the show?
Can I take photographs during the show?
Are wheelchair and/or scooter rentals available at the this location?

Exhibitor FAQ

When can we move in to our booth?
Will late access to the exhibit hall be allowed?
Does show have a “clean floor policy”? When do my crates and skids need to be clear from the exhibit floor?
When can we break down our booth?
Where do I ship my booth materials?
Where do I check in to get my truck unloaded?
Can I use my own dolly/hand truck and move my materials into my booth?
Can I set up my own booth?
Where can I find the Exhibitor Set-up Manual?
How do I order items for my booth (i.e., carpet, electrical, furniture)?
What equipment and services are included with my booth?
Can I have a hanging sign over my booth?
How do I find out if my booth meets all regulations?
What insurance coverage do I need and who should be listed as additional insured?
How do I find out my booth number and/or where I am located on the show floor?
How do I register my exhibitor booth personnel?
Can I register on-site?
When will I receive my badge?
What other opportunities are available for promoting my company?
Can I provide samples of food and/or beverages in my booth?
Are wheelchair and/or scooter rentals available at the event?
How do I get an International Visa letter of invitation?

Digital Market FAQ

When will I have access?
What credentials are required to access the Virtual Platform?
I did not receive a login email, what should I do?
Can I create a profile prior to the opening of the event?
Is there a Planner/Mobile App for the event?
Where Can I Find the Digital Market Exhibitor Manual?
How do I register my exhibitor digital booth personnel?
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